Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Summer Holidays

In and around Melbourne not much happened in terms of nightcaching in the past weeks. The second Geelong nightcache Barwon - Nocturnal Wander is still out of order since on top of the recent flooding a construction site showed up. Bummer.

Meanwhile I got myself a kayak so I am kind of busy to play with the new toy instead of creating new caches or hosting events. However this post shouldn't be completely useless so here is a link for everyone using an iPhone:



Monday, 8 November 2010

Spring Camping Event

Wow. I don't have a good hand if it comes to picking dates for camping events. Seriously! I really don't!

On the first date (4th of September) Victoria faced one of the worst flooding for the past 10 years and the second date wasn't very dry either. This time a handful of cachers braved the elements and attended the Spring Camping event on the cup-weekend. It isn't exactly a bad idea to go camping on that very weekend but that didn't keep the sky from opening it's locks. So we enjoyed some time at the camp-fire which kept burning due to the trailer of wood Bmak provided >> Thanks again!

Mt. Cole Spring Camping

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